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Overseas and Domestic Sales

Find and select excellent suppliers overseas with high cost competitiveness to effectively perform the business of importing and trilateral trade.
Based on the understanding of the management goals and strategies of our organization, set up promotional strategies to make a foray into overseas markets, investigate overseas markets, find local dealers, promote consumers in the local market, engage in the exporting and trading business, and all the other related tasks.

Trading Affairs

Perform trading and logistics import and export customs work, purchase goods, foreign exchange currency and customs refund, etc.
Constantly carry out improvement in work through continuous communication with affiliated companies, manage quality and delivery by affiliates and confirm pricing.

Accounting and Financing

Understand major accounting / taxation standards and identify significant matters such as settlement of accounts and tax reporting that occur regularly to handle accounting settlement and tax affairs.
Create and analyze accounting information on the company's business performance and financial status through thorough management of market conditions and comprehension of trends so that decisions are reflected in a timely manner

Overseas Branch Office

Perform various duties for local export and import in general and expansion of business. Investigate interested buyers and market trends of the specific items at the request of the main office, and provide buyer information and inquiries by item. Provide full support to all activities to venture into the overseas markets from market research to finalizing deals.