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Value Rocketing Vietnamese Import and Export Company Bizneer Corporation

We find the products a customer wants from Korea and other countries and supply them according to the customer's purchasing conditions.

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The role of "importer" and "distributor and vendor"

We operate specialized sales personnel by product / channel through headhunting service to deliver them to the right place at the right time according to demands. AFISTAR operates the inventory at the local warehouse and manages product sales, too.

Fruit / Beverage Base

With an increasing number of franchise stores in Vietnam where cafes and the culture of beverage are developed, the demand for fruit / beverage base is also on the rise.

Through fairs and market research, we select the products that cater to the local people's preferences and supply them to distribution channels such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

We deliver the value of products more closely and effectively to our customers through solution sales methods that propose recipes in consideration of the locally-operated showrooms and cost.

Dried Fruits / Nuts

We supply high quality US nuts and dried fruits to high end users.

We supply almonds and walnuts to franchise stores dedicated to babies and pregnant mothers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Other supply items to the retail shops in the Ho Chi Minh area include seasoned almonds, cranberries, and figs.

Various cafe powders

Cafe powders for rich and deep flavor of raw ingredients are provided to the cafes, restaurants and retail stores in Vietnam where cafes and the culture of beverage are developed.

From latte powder to smoothie and yogurt powder, customers can enjoy a variety of delicious drinks anytime, anywhere.

It is easier to store than liquid ingredients, so it is in high demand in Southeast Asia where temperatures are high.

Korean Kimchi

Kimchi, the representative food of Korea, is also available in Vietnam.

Consumers in the Southeast Asian markets, including Vietnam that is considered an emerging market for distribution, have favorable perception toward Korean food.

On this note, AFISTAR Gourmet by Bizneer Corporation introduces kimchi to Vietnam as a way to disseminate various flavors that Korea has.

Wine and other alcoholic beverages

We supply various kinds of liquor according to the demand including wine.

We supply wines and other liquors from all over the world through sourcing to major discount marts, liquor stores, restaurants and more in Vietnam.

We provide a wide range of products of various kinds to individual demand through customization.