Domestic Sales

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We find the products a customer wants from Korea and other countries and supply them according to the customer's purchasing conditions.

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Domestic Sales

We distribute food, consumer goods and chemical products to the Vietnamese market through AFISTAR Co., Ltd. a distribution company in Vietnam.

Sales organization driven at local markets

Localization of sales is achieved by our sales team led by a local manager at our Vietnamese branch office, which is a prerequisite to succeed in the market.

Remarkable market research capability

We have excellent competence in market research, which is the first indicator to determine the success of a product launch.

Warehousing and shipping services

We operate our internal warehouse in Vietnam to operate a direct delivery system to provide a fast delivery service.

New item launching system

We offer a headhunting system for short-term training through our internal training programs to secure professional manpower.

Local inventory, local sales

We keep local inventories in the market for local sales, let alone conventional trade commissioning.

A wealth of experience in launching new products

We have abundant experience in introducing and successfully launching domestic SME products to the Vietnamese market for many years.

Korean expatriates

We have two Korean expatriates in Vietnam to facilitate smooth communication between the main office and branch office, and between Korean manufacturers and branch office.

Strong people network in Vietnam

We have been in contact with people from various walks of life in Vietnam (government, customs, government offices, entrepreneurs, etc.) established over the many years doing business in the market.

Import permit on foods in Vietnam

We have an established system to internally apply the import permit on foods required by Vietnam.

Domestic Sales Process

We find and launch Korean-made items that can be successful in the Vietnamese market and help build it into a long-term business.

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